Denise Brack

Co-founder and Exectuive Director of Hope Floats


Denise Brack has been the co-founder and Executive Director of Hope Floats since 2008. After the devastating loss of her oldest son Michael, she and her husband Ken, founded the nonprofit bereavement and education center as a way to support other families and adults who are dealing with loss and grief. She is responsible for organizing and over-seeing all support programs, events and workshops at the center. She is the primary contact person and the daily manager, overseeing every aspect of Hope Floats. She is the contact person for individuals seeking support services and counseling. She is responsible for doing the delicate work of  in-takes, both over the phone and in person, for individuals and families who wish to attend support groups, retreats or our family program, Mike’s Club. In addition, she is also a support group leader, facilitator for daylong support retreats and is responsible for training and supervising volunteers and staff group leaders. Denise organizes various fundraisers at Hope Floats and seeks out strategic partners and sponsors. She overseas financial operations and manages correspondence with private donors, business sponsors and grant providers. Denise holds a Masters Degree from Lesley University. She is a long time educator and entrepreneur. She taught elementary school, primarily as an inclusions teacher, for 13 years and while she has left public schools, she continues to teach in new ways at Hope Floats. She strives to apply her skills and her life experience to support adults, children and their families who are grieving.

THE REALITY IS… The greatest fear a Mother has comes into reality.

Your child finally hits that magic year…18 years old. 

The beginning you think; the beginning of their coming into themselves and taking on life in a different way. But then the cruel and harsh reality sets in. They, just like we, make mistakes. We have no control. We have no control over what they do, the decisions they make, the consequences of their behavior and especially when the consequences are fatal, we are reminded of that every day.

Denise lost her oldest son, Mike, just like this, in the blink of an eye just when she thought she could take a deep breath again.

Denise Brack is a true inspiration to Mothers/Women/People everywhere. Her courage to lay everything on the line to create an extensive support system for others also bereaved because she recognized the need. It didn’t exist for her, her husband or her remaining children and she didn’t want anyone else to go through their loss without a shoulder to lean on and another heart to share the burden of grief.

As a result, Hope Floats was born and services those grieving and in need in many ways bringing them back to wellness. Please join us and bear witness to this incredible story of courage and healing and finding purpose in sharing in the journeys of those that reach for her. Listen for:

  • How essential is creating support how and when you need it?
  • How do you begin the healing process?
  • What do you need to do to come back to ‘normal?’
  • How to deal with the fear when parenting younger siblings.
  • What are two powerful things that you can do right now to help yourself to heal?

Thank you for joining us.



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