Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have a life that hands them love, success, lightness and why being happy just seems so easy for them?


You’ve tried everything to be like this. Book after book.

Course after course. Program after program.

But you just can’t make any of it work.

Maybe this sounds like you right now…

You’ve been “working on yourself” for what feels like forever. Crystals, affirmations, meditation, you’ve done it all – but real shifts never seem to last.

You feel guilty about your past mistakes; You can’t stop replaying past events and you wish you could start your life over again.

You look around at those who seem to have amazing, loving relationships and wonder why can’t that be you when you’ve been trying so hard

You feel a heaviness when you wake up every day

You’ve given your all and yet you still find yourself being left behind and maybe even feel isolated and can’t imagine how you could ever change it.

You’re beating yourself up because you keep asking yourself ‘why can’t I seem to get it right?

You’re meditating every day, and repeating your positive affirmations faithfully. So why don’t you FEEL any better.

You so strongly want to feel a deep connection with life and enjoy freedom at last. But the everyday disappointments and frustrations of life keep getting you down

Most of All, You’re Finding it Impossible to Believe That You Can…

Just be happy with who you are and not depend on external objects, people or events


Let go of fear of not being accepted and embrace the freedom to be the real you


Release negative energy and move forward in life with joy


Bring love into your life and welcome it in whatever form that may take


The answer isn’t worrying, obsessing, even stressing over what hasn’t worked.  That was then.




I Have a Secret to Share With You

There is NOTHING wrong with you. You already carry the blueprint for happiness, love and success within

In fact, there is a light shining right on it within your heart.  This light is just like the sun hidden behind a cloud. It’s there, but it may seem dim and you just can’t see its glow or feel its warmth right now.  

But it’s always there, encouraging you to keep going.

You just need to clear the clouds away and find your way back to the high energy vibrational frequency of light that you were meant to live your life through. 

Let me help you get there…I’m offering an intimate and deeply supportive
6-month program for spiritual women
like you who want to finally:

Let Go of Past Guilt and Shame
It so important that you learn how to shift these dense energies of guilt and shame and let it go when it pops up.  Why? Because it is erosive to your sense of self, your love of self and your connection to your Divine Self as well.  And the energy that it takes for you to keep it alive within you leaves you drained and starving for Love. Bottom line…it robs you of remembering that Love is all there is.
Get Rid of the Pain and Disappointments in Life

When you dwell on your disappointments, you feed the very energy that produced them….the energy of your belief that you are in some way, ‘not enough.’

You experiencing pain and disappointment is a symptom that you have spiraled away from your truth…all things serve you and give you the opportunity to come back to your connection to your Soul’s truth….you are meant to be happy!

Build an Unshakeable Foundation of Self Love

Self- Love isn’t a one shot deal. It is a lifestyle you build in recognition that you must work to stay aligned to your Highest Truth. The more you love yourself, the more your choices and actions will reflect that. The more you love yourself, the more you expand and the extension of that Love energy as Light, is able to flow through you. The more Light that flows through you, the more Light and Love come back to you.

It’s a very simple mathematical equation all designed to nurture, nourish and build a foundation that will sustain and fulfill you.

Raise Your Vibrational Frequencies So That You Are A Match Energetically With That Higher Love You Deserve

Do you know you are Love itself? It is the energy that is at the core of you…your true nature. You are love…love is who you are but it is also what you need to do.

Love needs to love!

As you put yourself in situations and relationships that fall outside of how Love would expand and grow and extend through you, your Love has nowhere to go and nowhere to land.

You need to love in order to stay alive and well. You also need to feed on Love that will nurture and nourish you so that you can grow as Love. That is your purpose as Love.

So, what does that require? That you build relationships that are of the highest caliber of Love energy. Self Love aligns you with that energy and raises your vibrational frequency so that your highest Love can find you and yours has a place to land!

Create Change That Actually Lasts Through Tough, Real Life Situations
As Love Consciousness at your core, you hold all of the information that you need to remain buoyant in every life situation no matter how rough those seas become. You are designed for this because your Soul knows exactly what it needs in order to keep expanding.

Your human mind however is another story (and one I talk a lot about in this program)

Knowing how to access the Love that is there to soothe, comfort and lead you through troubled waters is essential for your well-being.

Knowing that Love is always the answer to your every problem is essential for your well-being.

Knowing that you are to love yourself at all costs so that you can access exactly what you need will create lasting change and lasting well-being. It’s your greatest investment!


6 Months to Self Love

Be Happy. Be Free. Be YOU.


The Program Where You’ll Create Your Right Heart Energy
Love, Happiness and Lasting Change

Let Me Share Why a Program Like This is SO NEEDED Within the Self-Help Space Right Now


I see many spiritual people go around and around in circles (just like a dog chasing its tail.) They focus on changing their thoughts (i.e. the conscious mind.) The message they’ve been told is that you need to change your thoughts to change your life.

But you are so much more than just the mind. You are also made up of the body and Spirit. Your thoughts come from the energy of your Heart, the place where your Spirit works to set you free.

Building self-love and raising your vibrational frequency produces thoughts that lead to healthy actions.  And that is when real change happens!

When Reality Meets Spirituality, Things Can Get TOUGH!

You speak the language of spirituality, and you may already have spent thousands of dollars on other self-improvement programs.

So, let me explain my unique approach a little more and how this one program can pull everything together you’ve been trying to do.

Self Love is about embracing the sacred being that you already are. It’s the energy frequency that draws together all the right pieces of your life, and opens the path for your dreams to arrive like a big, beautiful gift bag personally delivered by the Universe.

Here’s What This Program Does For You and What It Opens Up For You

Raises Your Vibrational Frequency

Raising your energetic frequencies produce lasting change and brings results you’ve been waiting to see. It is what this program is all about and that’s why other programs have not worked for you

Understand Your Energy and How it Works With the Universe

It’s a YES Universe after all! You’ll learn to set your aim higher, expect more, learn to say YES without guilt, learn to say YES to the right things and learn to say YES when good things come into your life

Making Courage, Accountability, Surrender, Flexibility, Resiliency and Free Will Your SuperPowers

Learn to embrace your own ability to dramatically shift your situation which in turn leads to a lighter energy and higher vibrational frequency

Finally Feeling Surrounded and Embraced By the Warm Glow of Divine Love

This only happens when you know who you are and that you are worthy of being loved

Stopping the Endless Self-Help Cycle and Putting All the Pieces In Place to Create Lasting Change

It’s time to connect the dots of what you have learned with what you need to remember and how to find and follow that blueprint within you

Get ready to embrace a higher level of energy vibration as you finally create lasting change with the true Spiritual practices of

“Lasting transformation doesn’t come from simply reading about change. It doesn’t come from trying to convince yourself that you’re happy.

It comes when you are willing to bring the dark corners of your heart into the light.

I created this program to help you do this in a way that’s easy to digest, broken down step by step in great detail.”  ~ Marcy

Marcy Neumann, The HeartShift Coach and Creator of
Raise Your Vibrational Frequency with Self Love

Join 6 Months to Self Love Today

and get…

A 60 Minute Set Your Vibration Intake Call

  • 1:1 Personal Call to connect. It’s just you and me for one whole hour to determine your current  vibration
  • Connect energetically
  • Start shifting immediately as I take you through your first HeartShift process

Monthly Group Calls or Webinar Classes

  • These group activities will help you integrate your work with your personal energy blocks and also learn from others experiences.

Monthly Course Materials

  • Energetically designed to build Self Love and raise your vibrational frequency
  • PDF/E-Books/Audios
  • Preparations for absorbing and accepting everything you’ll learn energetically
  • Checklists and Action Plans

Monthly Email Exchange

  • In-depth, detailed and personal monthly email check-in with ME
  • Get your most urgent questions answered
  • Get my coaching and intuitive guidance
  • Have direct access, not staff or trained coaches but answers right from me

21 Day Action Plans

  • New Action Plans every single month
  • Put what you’re learning into practical, every day energetic shifting
  • Building guides for Self Love
  • Creating vibrational shifts of lasting change

Daily Grounding Rituals

  • Delivered each month
  • Affirmations, Meditations, Visualizations
  • Anchor in your new energy and HeartShifts

Chakra Interventions

  • Monthly teachings of the Chakra energies
  • Understand the energy fields and how they are affected
  • Align the energy for better overall balance and keep your energy at the higher vibrational frequencies

Private Facebook Group

  • Community of like-minded people who want to collectively raise their energy vibrations
  • Interaction with Marcy directly
  • Ask questions and get answers posted for the group

My personal development has been enhanced. I have greater self love… I have more positive energy in my daily living. I have developed a more positive flow of energy for change… The process Marcy took me through helped with letting go of negative things that I was holding onto… Marcy helped me identify new interests to pursue.

She helped me understand issues from my childhood that were keeping me from seeing things as a mature adult rather than through the eyes of a little girl.I know what actions and steps to take now, to get to my desired outcomes.

Laura Hatfield

You’ll say good-bye to guesswork or wondering if you’re “doing it right.” Instead, you’ll enjoy a straightforward, tested and true system that gets you on the path to Self Love and raising your vibrational frequency.

Yes, I’m ready for everything to be different in six months!


$555 $277


$2999 $1499









When you make the choice to enroll right now,
I’ll make sure you have even more tools and direct coaching access to me

Bonus # 1:

More coaching time. Join today and receive an additional 30 minutes during the 1:1 personal intake call.  This gives us 90 minutes together to start immediately with a powerful process to get you tuned in and energetically connected for success in this program. 

Bonus # 2:

You will receive an additional 30 minute mid-course tune up call (30 minutes.)

That’s a total of 60 additional minutes of 1:1 coaching! This is worth gold…I can move a mountain in 30 minutes!

Bonus # 3:

Access to my exclusive, do at your own pace bonus courseForgive, Live and Be Free Digital Program.”



6 Months to Self Love begins September 15th and will not be offered again until 2019 so I can give you my undivided attention for the whole program 

It’s simple enough to read a book and understand the concepts, but actually integrating that material into your life requires guidance and support.

Like any person who achieves excellence, whether it’s in the boardroom or on the field, it takes a coach to help you work through every stumbling block and challenge that you’ll face. 

That’s why I’m such a strong believer is having support through this journey as you
create lasting change. 

I’ve been there, and done that. Working with thousands of private clients has allowed me to perfect my Self Love process and have seen first hand that this approach works.


Hi, I’m Marcy Neumann, your HeartShift coach.


For the past 45 years, I’ve worked with thousands of my private clients to help them build a foundation of Self Love.

Once their heart energy has shifted and their vibrations are raised to a higher frequency, they experience an acceleration in realizing their dreams,  achieving success, having better health and finding love.  I help them create lasting transformations in their lives.

6 Months to Self Love is designed to help you achieve the same results as my private clients.

Click to Read My Story
I have always known that I am on a Spiritual path, yet, because it was such a natural part of me and how I defined myself, I sometimes took it for granted. That was until I started my career as a Registered Nurse. It was then that the pieces started to come together and I realized my special gifts as a Healer with a very unique perspective, deep tool box and deeper approach to life.

My qualifications back in the ‘70’s as a Spiritualist Minister and young Registered Nurse opened doors for me that often stunned others around me. I was ushered into multiple positions pioneering the integration of many Healing Sciences where I quickly learned that Love truly is “all there is,” and that the Healed Heart is the strongest Healing agent of all.

Today, my qualifications are really too long to list here, but to name a few, I’m also a Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist, a Law of Attraction Life Coach and the creator of CellpH Love Reiki!( pronounced Self Love.)

Now, imagine all of that and still waking up one day to find myself living a life where I had given up so many parts of myself that I had become disconnected from the most essential one…my own heart!

Maybe you can relate to my story. I was stuck in a life that I didn’t even know was limited until it started manifesting with a laundry list of health issues including digestive, joint pain, panic attacks and constant headaches.

Through my own trial and error, I developed a system to create lasting change for myself, and then went on to help as many other people as possible do the same!

Here’s how I will personally support you throughout this experience

You'll have access to learn HeartShifting, my proprietary process that I've developed and refined for over four decades

No detail will be left out! I’ll bring my 45+ years of personal experience and knowledge from working with thousands of clients to this course.

I’ll read the energy of the group each month

This is an extraordinary opportunity for you. This means the experience of each particular group is unique and the specifically designed information and materials help to maximize everyone’s results.

I won’t give up on you, even as self-doubt comes to the surface to be cleared away.

If at any time you are questioning whether this program is right for you, I will personally discuss any blocks that are coming up. It is truly my mission to see everyone in my class succeed!

Most importantly, you’ll have direct interaction with me during the entire program (not staff, not other coaches)

Not only that, in my program you’ll get my “real life tested” guide to clearing your blocks, raising your vibrational frequency and FINALLY creating the life you’ve dreamed of for so long.

Let Me Guide You Towards Unlocking the Light That is Already Within You

It’s time for you to step into the leading role in your life. No more feeling guilty or afraid when things “happen to you.”

No more wondering how to pull everything together

No more feeling guilty or afraid when you finally decided to do something for yourself.

No more hiding parts of yourself to please others…

“Before I started working with Marcy, I was challenged in letting go of old baggage, moving on with life, healing and fears. Since working with Marcy, I am feeling lighter, better and have a sense that I’ll be fine. My perspective on life has changed and I’ve realized that life is a journey and I don’t need to have all the right answers; I just need to BE.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why hasn’t anything worked for me before?  What makes you think this program will work for me now?

 A. You may have tried several programs, books, courses and even other private coaching.  The reason you haven’t been able to make lasting changes is because you haven’t built a sufficient foundation of Self Love, which in turn raises your energetic frequency (vibrations) that call in new life.

This change in heart energy is what creates lasting changes. When you shift your heart energy into a higher frequency, everything else follows suit.

Q. Should I have been building a Self-Love lifestyle and raising my vibrational frequency all along?  Is that why the changes I’ve tried to make haven’t worked?

 A. The issue is that you have been trying to change your life with just changing your thoughts.  This is near impossible because you are constantly being bombarded by how you should think differently, act, talk, walk, eat, be and do.

Lasting change is created in the heart (your heart energy) and automatically adjusts the thoughts, not the other way around.  This program teaches you about this from the very beginning and it is a cornerstone of building Self Love.

Q. If being happy is really just building Self Love and changing my heart energy, why haven’t I been able to do that on my own?

 A. The simple answer is because fear holds you back. The complication is that you are not recognizing the fear.  That’s where this program helps you. I take you step by step, teach you how to identify the fear and the energy surrounding that and then what to do that will counteract it. This new lens that you will develop will enable to you see and know which energies to feed instead.

Q. What approach does this program use to change my heart energy and has it been tested? 

A. The course is based upon HeartShifting, a unique method that I personally developed. I am the only HeartShift Coach in the world. After working with so many people from all walks of life with so many levels of Spiritual understanding, this is one of the reasons I’m confident my system can create lasting change for you too. I’ve tested it myself and refined it over many decades of working with thousands of private clients.

Q. So what is HeartShifting exactly?

 A. HeartShifting is a method I have personally created to recalibrate your energy to make lasting changes in your life. HeartShifting is the formula that raises the vibrational frequency in the mind/body/spirit energy triangle and enables the integrated healed heart to lead.

Q. What if I’m really not meant to be happy?  What if my karma is to remain like this, to feel like this (unloved, unfulfilled, separate, less than authentic)?

 A. Karma is not about punishment and reward. It is only the law of choice in action…every experience is an opportunity to love or not to love.

Love will always be the answer as it is the only energy that has the power to create.  You are created from this same energy. You share the same needs. You are in partnership with it to create.  That is what your karma is…to learn to choose love at all costs.

Q. How is working with you as my coach different from other coaching programs out there?

 A. You will be working with only ME this entire 6 month program. No other coaches, staff or coaches in training. I am completely committed to your success and will tune into the energy of this group for the entire 6-month program.

I will be accessible a number of ways, including by phone in the beginning and midterm, monthly email exchanges, monthly classes and in your private Facebook group.

Q. Can I get this information anywhere else?

 A. No, you can’t get this information anywhere else. You can get bits and pieces only. Even visiting another Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist and Energy Healer by yourself would still only give you bits and pieces. I am the only HeartShift Coach in the world and it is my 45+ years of experiences that have created my program.

In addition, after all of those visits with all of those practitioners, you still will not have this step by step program to raise your vibrational frequency and learn to love yourself enough to step into the life you have come here to live.

Q. Will the live coaching calls be recordedI’m worried the live coaching call time might not work with my time zone and schedule.

A. All the material will be hosted in an easy-to-use members only area. Access the course material at any time, as your schedule allows it.

Q. Tell me again how raising my vibrational frequency with Self Love helps me to be happy?

 A. You are the creator of your life. You create your successes as well as your limitations. Once you learn to tap into your natural energy state of pure love and light and commit to loving yourself,  you will see past these limitations and also step into being the conscious creator of your best life ever.

This Program is For You If…

..you replay past events over and over, beating yourself up for not doing or saying something that may have changed the outcome

…you just feel helpless to change your situation

…are frustrated because you have literally tried everything else and nothing has worked so far

…you have been in Self Help for years and are still stuck and not experiencing the happiness or success you imagine

…you are committed to making this life of yours count and are open to new concepts, willing to take action with new methods and willing to make adjustments so that you get fast results

…you are willing to be vulnerable and intimate with yourself and finally meet your own true Higher Self

…if you’re willing to retrain and rethink what it means to love yourself even when shit hits the fan and life doesn’t go exactly how you want

…truly want to change what hasn’t been working and learn exactly how to create things in your favor

you want a solution that adds in all the missing pieces along with personalized support and step by step action plans.

Marcy has helped me cleanse the past and strengthen where and how ‘I’m going forward’ in life, solidifying my connectedness, worth and alignment with source and my creation abilities. Thank you blessed and gifted Marcy. I love working together.


The truth is, taking in another freebie or buying another book on transformation isn’t going to create the lasting results you need. 

Only through the spiritual practices of Self Love and by raising your vibrational frequency will you create the change you seek.


Now, I understand commitment is scary, change is scary and there are no guarantees in life…but there is a guarantee with me.

If after 30 days you want to pull back into your shell, with written notice to me you can do so.

I will ask you why..I will try to lead you back into the tribe and yes, I will soothe and comfort your fears to the best of my ability but understand this…

I will not make it easy for you to turn your back on yourself because I know you’ve done that too many times before and I know you want something different this time and I know how to lead you there. 

I want for you what I have created for myself. If after 30 days, you haven’t started to feel a shift and have followed my guidance and the material I have laid out for you, done the work, participated in the calls, implemented the action plans and you still want to go, we will have a deep heart to heart about getting your needs met. 

Don’t get stuck trying to apply Spiritual principles by yourself all over again. Get this comprehensive, step by step roadmap from someone with 45 years of experience and thousands of people helped!

Imagine your life in 6 months.

You could be happy with love in your heart and in your life, feeling joy and lightness or you could be here, in the same place you are right now, still trying to change, still trying to figure it all out on your own. 

Yes, you landed on this page today, so I know you are being called towards the next step in your Spiritual journey. You can join me now, build a Self Love lifestyle, raise your vibrational frequency and start loving your life or you can wait another 6 months and hope for things to get better on your own.

 The choice is yours.

Yes, I’m ready for everything to be different!


$555 $277


$2999 $1499

Hurry! Time is Running Out to Enroll








I’m pretty amazed by the internal difference in me

I’m finding that I’m not judging people, which is what’s caused the feeling of separation, and I think it’s because I haven’t been feeling unsafe around people…I realize that I judge when I feel unsafe (and I feel unsafe when I feel separate…).

What’s also shifting is my general daily contentment, joy even; and I’m showing up as more of myself, more fully expressed when I’m around my peeps. I’m being straighter, more direct, in my communications with them…

What a kindness, finally, to myself to allow my full range of responses without self-judgment.

♥ MARJ ♥

Marcy helped me uncover hidden issues

Marcy helped me uncover hidden issues, motivations and characteristics that drove my relationships.

It was an eye opener but made perfect sense as I could better understand myself and how I approached romantic relationships as well as life in general.   I have always been in my head vs. my heart and Marcy has helped me recognize and shift this.

A major positive impact for me has been to understand how to be more flexible to approach life and love differently – from a perspective of self love – what that means and how I can recognize when I am on and off that path moving forward.


I was able to start breaking free from from the behaviors that were causing me and my loved ones pain

I was really stuck in many negative patterns of behavior such as blame, rage and feeling like a victim.  Marcy told me things about myself and my past that no one else could have ever known. Once I realized the truth of what she shared, I was able to start breaking free from from the behaviors that were causing me and my loved ones pain.

I was able to shift my beliefs, perspectives and behaviors as I started to shift my heart.  I was given concrete tools as well as visual imagary to help me apply her lessons to my daily life, to heal from my past and to start co-creating a beautiful, magical future for myself.


I have the tools to navigate through life effortlessly

I was dealing with the issue of forgiveness, I did not know how to forgive and move forward… My growth has been extraordinary with Marcy’s work……I have a greater love, energy, and connection spiritually that has changed everything for me. Marcy taught me how to forgive and let go, and how to let in

Once you have the ability of letting in, your opportunities are endless…The journey has been incredible and is continuing.

I have the tools to navigate through life effortlessly with greater clarity and peacefulness.”


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